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Treat your brand strategically and make it the greatest asset for your businesses.




I help you create value for your company with a powerful brand and inspiring stories.



Brands that are driven by values tend to be very deep. Its founders and management team have developed them with passion and feel a special commitment to their clients and society. But they often struggle to translate all their value into a proposition that resonates with their audience. I help you transform your brand values into your company's greatest asset and a powerful tool for success in the market.


Storytelling: it is the magic word that everyone evokes and few master. How do you write a brand story that reaches people's hearts? Emotion is an art and it has its rules. Discover with me the path that takes you to the heart of your audience, in a rigorous and strategic way.

Transform your brands through values and improve your results


and learn to create

winning brand strategies.

Giuseppe Cavallo is the director of the Online Brand Management Program at

ESADE Business School

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Establish a deep relationship with your clients, your employees and your stakeholders
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I design roadmaps that allow companies to establish a privileged relationship with their audience. I do it with an articulate and complete look, inspired by the relationship between people.


Harley Davidson is rebellious; Nike is energetic, Patagonia is sustainable and Triodos Bank is ethical.

Brands are persons and we all establish personal relationships with them. To take the relationship with their audience to a very deep level, brands must be useful, they must excite and they must earn the trust of their consumers. Only in this way will the relationship become stable, with enormous benefits for the viability of the businesses.

Create a unique, relevant and inspiring brand

An inconvenient truth

Most Europeans wouldn't care if 75% of brands disappeared tomorrow*.

This happens because brands do not know how to connect on a deep level with their audience. They do not know how to find the true value they offer to the market and communicate it in an authentic and seductive way. If they did, if they abandoned their manipulative communication attitude, the public would react positively, buying their products and coming back again and again.

*Data from Havas - Meaningful Brands

Switch to the 25% of brands the public loves

How I work

I trust the hearts of your people

I believe in collective intelligence and the warmth of collaboration. I like to consider myself as a facilitator, a mountain guide who accompanies the explorers of the human soul - CEOs, CMOs and those who manage brands. The best way to get the best out of your brand is to bring to light the brand that is already present in the essence of your company, in its history, in its purpose, in its values and in the talents of the people who are part of it. 
I use a mix of techniques to reveal the purest essence of your brand and find your impactful value proposition. I do in-studio work with ideas and debate, but what excites me most are the workshops I organise with my clients' teams. In them I use brand strategy models to stimulate the conversation, generate a special creative energy and create authentic and inspiring power-brands.

Most of my interventions take the form of a workshop in which we value the knowledge and passion of the teams to develop concrete and grounded strategies and plans.

Practical resources

Creating powerful brands that are unique, relevant and inspiring is possible. And it is also possible to create strategic narratives that excite your audience. It must be done with method and discipline, but it is not enough. There is no successful strategy and no useful story if it is not firmly rooted in the practice of our business. Here I offer you my reflections and some techniques that I use to develop grounded brand and storytelling strategies.

Download the pdf. You won't be asked to give your data and if you want to talk to me, send me an email, I will be delighted to connect.

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My professional ecosystem
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My main activity of advising CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs is carried out through Voxpopuli and my commercial brand, which is Giuseppe Cavallo. Added to this is my activity in collaboration with some international experts.

In 2020 I co-founded Costa-Cavallo, which offers strategic advice to business leaders with a systemic view that encompasses people, business and brand.

In the same year I joined other international advisors with whom I share ideas and we founded Flow Collective, a group of consultants who help brands succeed with humanistic values. We do this by bringing together diverse experiences and perspectives, each with their professional history and culture.

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Send me an email and you will do one of the most valuable things a human being can do: start a conversation

There you will find up-to-date information on what I propose and some reflections that may interest you.

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