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for CEOs, entrepreneurs and non-conformist managers


I invite you on a journey

Success is measured by happiness, said the Indian guru Paramahansa Yogananda.

I invite you to walk together with me, to discover the path that leads to your success through a personal brand that expresses your essence and reveals the value you can contribute with your profession.

We will treat the "brand you" for what it is: the manifestation of your value proposition, the bridge that unites you to your market.

We will define your strategic story and design the roadmap that will take you to achieve your professional goals.

It is an important, deep and meaningful journey. Your brand is the expression of your professionalism and, above all, of your person. And we will go all out to create your powerful, authentic and inspiring personal brand.

Design your strategy with me
or contact me for specific topics

I offer you two ways to work together:

  1. Personal Brand Strategy Journey: If you are at an important moment in your professional life and want to design a successful strategy, I recommend embarking on the Personal Brand Strategy journey. This process is deep, complete and transformative. Get ready to take a big leap in your personal brand!

  2. Personal brand coaching: If you are already clear about your strategy and are looking for specific improvements or solutions for specific aspects, we can schedule a few hours of in-depth advice. Together we will find the best solution to enhance your personal brand.

To book a session,

make payment with PayPal and then book your session on Calendly (blue button)

There are special moments when it is important to have a serious personal branding strategy.


When you feel that you need a change, breathe!

It is time to prepare the next step in your professional career with timely planning for a successful transition. This way you will be laying powerful seeds that will soon give you the return you want.


When you are already at the point of no return, just running will not help you. You have to know where to direct your efforts. A strategic attitude will allow you to apply your tactics consistently and respond to opportunities with strength and without losing track of your personal success.


When you feel like you want more, remember what Einstein said: you can't solve a problem from the level of consciousness at which that problem was created. Likewise, you cannot multiply your success with the same strategy that took you to your glass ceiling. With a new look you can go to the "next level".

Together we will design the roadmap that will lead you to achieve your professional goals.
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7 steps to your success

A rigorous and effective process to strategically create your personal brand

We'll start with your vision and design the strategy to make it a reality.

How will we do it

The process of defining your personal brand strategy is an act of co-creation between you and me. I provide you with the methodology and encourage you so that your strategic thinking helps you design a successful future for your professional life. This is because co-creation will allow us to ensure that the strategy we will design will suit you perfectly and that you will put it into practice with discipline and rigor, without a doubt.

We will hold a first meeting in which we will investigate your situation and your objectives and we will agree on the objectives of our common project, which is to make your personal brand a tool for success.

Sessions will follow in which together we will be defining your personal branding strategy and the tactics necessary for your success. The number of sessions will depend on the complexity of the work we will do, related to your market and your ambitions.

All sessions will be online and we will use a spectacular collaboration platform, which is Miro. It is like a blank slate that will allow us to use all the most advanced tools, such as mind maps, timelines, tables, etc.

At the end of the process, I will give you a pdf document with a description of the strategy that we have defined together.

And then you will be in a position to pursue the objectives you set for yourself with strength and effectiveness.

Lets design together your path to success, so that it is ambitious, realistic and sustainable in your life.

Who is Giuseppe Cavallo's personal branding strategy process for?

My process is designed for people who want to achieve ambitious and meaningful goals.

All my work is based on the firm belief that professional life is part of one's evolution and must allow people to act according to their vision of the world and their values.

To the people who want to make this wonderful journey, I dedicate all my energy and my knowledge, so that they can be successful and thus contribute to creating a better world.







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