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or the art of brand storytelling applied strategically



A great story is the story of a change: from an unsatisfactory situation to a new equilibrium.


Our hearts guide us. To motivate our team and convince our stakeholders, we must create a highly emotional story.


For a story to inspire us, it must propose a vision of a better condition than the one we live in.


Master the art of storytelling with Giuseppe Cavallo. Learn how to transform your value proposition into irresistible emotions and discover how to lead by inspiring.

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Every leader knows that to encourage his people he must speak to their hearts.

Great leaders know how to create great stories.


The brand strategy makes your brand make sense, the brand narrative transforms it into emotions that reach directly to the heart of your audience.

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The best way to find solutions is to have clear objectives and the path to them.

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We will set up a meeting that can be on video or in person, we will analyze your objectives and we will design together the path to your success.

The brand strategy makes your brand make sense, the brand narrative transforms it into emotions that reach directly to the heart of your audience.
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Brand storytelling is a regulated art that has to be applied rigorously.

Brand stories

What is brand narrative for?

Brands help the public understand our proposal. Brand stories exist so that you connect emotionally and take action. Brand storytelling is the emotional bridge between a company and its audience.

Creating great brand stories does not mean writing beautiful texts. That is a consequence. The power of the brand story lies in using the structural elements that are characteristic of the great stories of all time. A big problem to solve. A hero. The journey of personal transformation that the hero has to take to solve the problem. The dream that our hero pursues. Knowing how to use these elements with finesse gives the brand story a power that touches the deepest chords of its audience. I accompany you on an exciting path to discover your brand's story and organize it in a way that is irresistible.

Strategic narratives represent a key leadership tool and brand stories help brands connect in depth with their audience.

How we will create your brand storytelling strategy


When you have organized your brand story, you will have the map that takes you to the hearts of your customers. You will know how to enter into a deep connection with them and establish conversations that only few brands can afford.

With my help you will learn who the hero of your brand story is, what the role of your brand is, how to relate to your clients' problems and how to inspire them with a vision of a better future. These and other discoveries will allow you to organize your communication strategy, choosing the most appropriate communication channels and the best narrative for each of them. You can also diversify stories to make your brand more attractive, without losing coherence and without diluting the power of your communication.

Great leaders say what they need when they need it and in the way they need it.

Inspire your team

It is proven that the best talent is not motivated only by money, but also by a high purpose. Storytelling helps connect teams to the deepest essence of the company they work for: a deep and powerful source of motivation that will give them reasons to get up in the morning and do great things. Activate the power of internal storytelling for your company. I will accompany you on that incredible journey of transformation of your team.

Storytelling for leaders

Great leaders tell great stories. We know. But that's not all: great leaders say what they need when they need it and in the way they need it. Choosing the most appropriate story and the correct way to tell it allows a leader to reach the hearts and guts of his or her team members and thus unite them in a shared experience.

Telling powerful and inspiring stories is a primary act of leadership that embarks the team on a journey of transformation, the initial step in becoming a community that finds strength in the very act of being together. I will help you choose the most powerful stories and plots that will allow you to tell them in an emotional and irresistible way.

I invite you to work together, activating the power of collective intelligence and co-creation

How do I do it

I accompany you on a transformative journey combining the force of facts with the power of emotions. I organize both in-person and online sessions. Practical, focused and transformative.

Brand storytelling workshops

I organize 2-day workshops with your team to co-create the brand story authentically, reflecting the true essence of your brand and the spirit of your company.
The result is a strategic map that will allow your team to write content, organize messages and optimize communication channels according to the objectives you have defined for your business.
Also ask me about my mentoring plans in the implementation phase.

Strategic storytelling sessions for leaders

I create the strategic narrative with you, taking into account your objectives, the map of your stakeholders and their agendas. I will make you reflect on the different aspects of your story and I will give you a strategic plan ready for implementation. If you need it, I will accompany you in the process of writing your strategic presentations for the delivery of your story. If you need help writing the speech, I will be at your side; If you want to present in a powerful way, I will accompany you in the preparation.

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