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What's a cup of coffee doing in the place where you'd expect to see my photo?

The thing is that “an espresso” defines us, Italians. There was a time when I didn't drink coffee, but my DNA rebelled and I had to return to the ritual. Yes, because coffee in Italy is not just a drink, it is the affirmation of an identity, the gift of a lineage, the celebration of the humanist values that unite the people of the Mediterranean countries.

I was born in Magna Graecia, near Naples. I graduated in political and economic sciences. I specialized in marketing and began very early on that wonderful journey that is creating brands. It was at Colgate Palmolive and Nissan, where I was fortunate to work side by side with great masters who have changed the way of marketing in Europe and the world. Some of them drank coffee, others belonged to the tea civilization.
At 2:46 p.m. on March 11, 2011, when the earth shook with magnitude 9.0 in Japan, I was in Yokohama and to avoid falling to the ground I hugged a column of the skyscraper where Nissan's headquarters is located. At that moment I wanted to see the people I love the most and at the same time I imagined myself tasting a good coffee.

A year later I left the company to found Voxpopuli, the first responsible marketing agency in Barcelona. I decided that everything I had learned in two of the largest corporations on the planet I was going to make available to visionary entrepreneurs and professionals who want to change the world. He had participated in the ideation of the Qashqai concept, a car that has created a new segment and dominated it for an entire decade; he had been marketing director for Europe for a Nissan division; had set up and directed its communications department worldwide. It was time to use what I had learned during those wonderful experiences in a new context. Voxpopuli would be the branding agency for companies that are driven by values.

Mediterranean DNA

is now
Giuseppe Cavallo

Name change for a greater focus

Brand strategy, brand narrative

I focus on co-creating inspiring and powerful brands, together with CEO's and Marketing Directors.


Royal Palace of Caserta

The most important monument in my city.

Voxpopuli now operates under my name

A decade has passed since then and today I make a new leap forward. Voxpopuli has transformed and I now only use my name to identify my work: that of advising entrepreneurs, general directors and marketing and communication executives so that they can create powerful brands with an authentic and inspiring story. In a rigorous, strategic and creative way, but above all in a practical way and strictly related to business success.

I love to share

To share what I know, I have written two books. In my latest book, Habla con el corazón: storytelling para líderes y marcas en tiempos de cambio, I explain the secrets to creating inspiring brand stories. In my first book, El Marketing de la Felicidad, I show how to create powerful brands that connect with audiences in an authentic way.

I have also contributed to books edited by other authors. Among them Brands with a conscience, edited by Nicholas Ind and Sandra Horlings.

Books are just one of the ways I share my ideas. I am also director of ESADE's online Brand Management program and teach as a visiting lecturer at other prestigious Universities.

I am a keynote speaker and am often interviewed to offer my point of view on matters of brand strategy and storytelling.

My ecosystem, my world

In 2020 I co-founded Costa-Cavallo, which offers strategic advice to business leaders with a systemic view that encompasses people, business and brand.

In the same year I joined other international advisors with whom I share ideas and we founded Flow Collective, a group of consultants who help brands succeed with humanistic values in international contexts. We do this by bringing together diverse experiences and perspectives, each with their professional history and culture.

I am a founding member of the Conscious Capitalism Foundation and a member of the international think tank on conscious brands Medinge Group.

If you are like me and think that the best thing is always to sit and have meaningful conversations, don't wait, send me an email and we will start a good one.

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